Hadiqa Kiani Appears on "CAPITAL TALK with HAMID MIR"

29th December, 2010
Hadiqa Kiani appeared on the famous show of Geo News Television "Capital Talk with Hamid Mir", as a guest and spoke about the 65 houses she has been reconstructing for the flood affected people. Hadiqa gave facts & figures while gladly briefing that 50 houses have been completed & 15 more are in progress. This philanthropist has been working non stop to motivate the people and also encouraging them to stay aware and not to forget the catastrophe caused by the flood. According to Hadiqa Kiani, "this is the time of awareness, people are still not out of the catastrophe, they still need homes - this is the reconstruction phase!"
The Host, Hamid Mir was stunned knowing that the beautiful singer had the courage & will to opt for such a dangerous area of "Mia Isa, Nawshera" which is commonly known to be neglected due to its far reach & also due to major problems of Taliban. On being questioned about her visits, Hadiqa appreciated the Pakistan Army, expressing her humble gratitude towards them and told how she was facilitated and given security during her efforts for the flood relief. Hadiqa also mentioned 'why' she chose such an area that was so far; "Its because according to the army, I was informed that Mia Isa is one of the most highly neglected areas that has been effected by the flood disaster and no one was willing enough to take an initiative to physically go there and see it with their own eyes, I chose to do so... and i instantly decided I will do as much as I can for these people by giving them homes", Hadiqa said.
Tune into Geo Television and watch the program "Capital Talk with Hamid Mir" which will be aired on 29th December, 2010 at 8:00pm. You don't want to miss this!!! Here are the EXCLUSIVE pictures of the show. Stay tuned for more.