HADIQA KIANI (AL-Karam Studio Launch & Fashion Show)

Known for not only being a singer, writer & multi-linguist but also a show stopper, Hadiqa Kiani was recently seen walking the ramp for Al-Karam at an Al-Karam fashion show and Al-Karam Studio Launch.
Here are some exclusive pictures from the event.


Check out the exclusive teaser for DIL JANIA, video.


Hadiqa Kiani has recently released her new music video called "Dil Jania" which is her solo smash hit OST for the movie BOL. Written & composed by, legendary Shoaib mansoor himself -the song also features rap artist Suman. 
Here are some stills from the video.


Dawud Whamsby featuring Hadiqa Kiani (HAMD)

Hadiqa Kiani has collaborated with the extremely talented Canadian singer-songwriter Dawud Wharnsby and has recorded a Hamd, titled "La ila ha". Dawud is best known for his pioneering efforts in the musical/poetic genre of English Language nasheed. According to Hadiqa, the Hamd will be releasing in a few days to celebrate the spirit of the Holy month of Ramadan. It is interesting to note that this is the second time Dawud Wharnsby has collaborated with a Pakistani musician, the first one being with Atif Aslam in the year 2009 for the reworked version of Hum Mustafavi Hain which was originally sung by Mehdi Zaheer. This is going to be an interesting collaboration.


Feature film BOL releasing in India, UK, US, Australia and Dubai 
on 31st August, 2011.
You do not want to miss out on this epic block buster by Shoaib Mansoor. 
Star Cast featuring: Atif Aslam, Humaima, Mahira Khan, Shafqat Cheema and others.

Hadiqa Kiani (Photoshoot) - FAHAD Hussayn (August 20th, 2011)


Exclusive editions for Eid-
Also featuring Kiran Chaudhry , Emmad Irfani , 
Noore Bhatty , Amna Babar and Hareb Farouk.
Hair makeup and photgraphy Maram Aabroo
published in Pakistan Today LOUNGE - 12 August 2011



A Moment of Clarity. 
Hadiqa Kiani was recently seen on Capital Talk with Hamid Mir, alongside Mr.Nawaz Sharif at the Sharif City Hospital that helps the poor Thalassemia patients in need. 

It was during the time, when Hadiqa Kiani was working for flood relief, building homes for the flood effected victims; that she came across Sanum Gul (A single mother of two kids, resident of Nowshehra, & also hadiqa kiani flood relief effort beneficiary). Hadiqa met those two children, diagnosed with fatal Thalassemia and discovered that there was no financial support or resources to save Sanum Gul's children's lives. Hadiqa Kiani made an appeal to the government and people watching the Hamid Mir Show, to help contribute and save their lives. Luckily, Mr. Nawaz Sharif took notice and recently gave those thalassemia children a free support at his charity Hospital.
Before people can see and start assuming different conclusions, here is a moment of clarity for everyone. Hadiqa Kiani does not work and will not work for any political party, she only works individually as a humanitarian. As for who would she support if she had to, Hadiqa Kiani replied;
"I will not join or be a part of any political party. I am not favoring anyone or any party, I am favoring anyone and everyone who will work for this country and its people regardless any political party they may be leading... be - any politician ... I don't have any inhibitions to support all of them as long as and if they are working for our country!"
On another occasion Hadiqa cleared out everything by quoting;
"I sincerely appreciate Nawaz Sharif for taking on my appeal for the Thalassemia patients in Nowshera. I am not taking a stand with him politically, but what he has done for these children..I am grateful. Thankyou for listening to my appeal for the children". Hadiqa Kiani also said, "I am NOT supporting anyone politically. I am however going to support anyone who steps up and helps the people of Pakistan regardless of their political agenda. We need to end this pointless bickering and look at the issues, our people need help and I am ready to support anyone who can help me help them".

An exclusive footage of Hadiqa Kiani with the two poor children, 
diagnosed with Thalassemia, in Nowshera:

Well said Hadiqa. 
We support you, your cause and your vision. 
Indeed we just need to be a better humanitarian to have a better country.
God Bless - from the HK team management! We Salute you!

Alle'nora fashion show - HADIQA KIANI

16th PTV Awards 2011

Hadiqa Kiani appeared at the 16th PTV Awards, 2011 wearing a beautiful long yellow draped dress by Hasan Shehryar, famously known as (HSY). Here is a bedazzling click from the performance, rocking the mic with a flawless smile on her face looking beautiful as ever !


25 July, 2011... Hamid Mir continues discussing the ongoing effort by Hadiqa Kiani and the army for flood relief. Hadiqa Kiani quoted; "They still need our help. I have not stopped my mission to aid these innocent Pakistanis since the floods happened about a year ago and neither should you. This Ramadan, please do your part." 

Watch the full episode by following the link:

Sahir Lodhi Show - BROTHER/SISTER - Hadiqa & Irfan Kiani

Hadiqa Kiani appeared on the Sahir Lodhi show, once again, but this time was slightly different since the audience got to see a rare view where Irfan Kiani (music producer for BOL movie and also hadiqa kiani's brother) shared the stage LIVE with her sister for the very first time, on television.
Here is one memorable picture of a rare moment - fans had never seen before.


For those who haven't seen what you must see and hear ; the harsh realities of life encapsulated in Shoaib Mansoor's epic feature film, BOL is reigning in theaters ! 
BOL Premiere shook every one off their feet ! This is a must watch !

Hadiqa Kiani at the BOL premiere, in Lahore.

Khari Baat - Will the Flood Come Again?

Hadiqa Kiani was invited on the show, 'khari baat luqman kay saath' on 9/6/2011 to discuss her flood relief projects and also to shed light on how dangerous and compelling it is knowing the climate changing and chances of heavy rain and flood coming back. 
In case you have missed the show, here is the link: 


Hadiqa attended the annual get together of UNDP’s internal staff on 3rd June in PC Lahore. Hadiqa was asked to say few words. She told everyone that she was very happy to be associated with UNDP. She appreciated the work of UNDP’s staff in the field of early recovery for the flood victims. Hadiqa also briefed the UNDP’s staff about the reconstruction work that she is carrying in Khyber Pakhtoon Khua. She told them that she on her own had constructed 120 houses in KPK. Her speech was followed by a small speech from Mr. Toshi the country head of UNDP. Later on there was a question and answers session and Hadiqa answered questions of staff members of UNDP.
To cheer the staff, Hadiqa sang few songs of the audience. She also sang a French and English song for the foreign staff members of UNDP along with them. Later on the dinner was served followed by a talent show in which UNDP staff members and their families participated and sang songs or narrated poetry.Hadiqa was asked to distribute gifts to the UNDP staff and their families along side country Head Mr. Toshi.

Here is a montage of the pictures from the event:


Have you missed out on the epic block buster feature film?
Have you missed out on the heart wrenching, melodious audio tracks ?

Shoaib Mansoor’s much-awaited full length urdu feature film. ‘Bol‘ is Shoaib Mansoor‘s second dramatic breakthrough of revealing life with its complexities. After ‘Khuda Kay Liye‘, that went on to win several international awards, ‘Bol’ is another gripping story authored by him. A story that shows barely make ends meet. On top of the poverty the father subscribes to a set of values that embody contradictions, values that have not been questioned.
‘Bol’ is a roller coaster of emotions, yet carries subtleties that make your heartbeat stop. Based in the heart of Lahore, the story takes place in a house full of daughters, with vibrancy of life, yet restrictions on blooming. It questions the worth of a human being, may it be a woman or a person born with a birth defect. It questions the authority of reproducing human beings into this world without taking responsibility of acknowledging their worth.
There is a good news for all who were waiting for Bol music release. Audio Cassettes & CD’s have been released all over the world. Bol music in Pakistan is released by Fire Records and by Tips Music in rest of the world. The prices of the Cassettes & CD’s are same as other original audio Cassettes & CD’s.
Buy the original album and experience wonderfully composed Bol music. The track list goes something like this:-
  1. Hona Tha Pyaar – Atif Aslam & Hadiqa Kiani
  2. Din Pareshaan Hay – Sajjad Ali
  3. Dil Janiya – Hadiqa Kiani
  4. Sayyan Bolain – Shabnam Majeed, Sahir Ali Bugga & Bina Jawad
  5. Mumkin Hay – Ahmad Jahanzeb & Shuja Haider
  6. Kaho (Aaj Bol Do) – Atif Aslam & Hadiqa Kiani
  7. Din Pareshan Hai – Sajjad Ali
  8. Bol Background Music – Hadiqa Kiani & Baqir Abbas

DUNYA TV - Moin Akhtar (Memorial Show)

Dunya TV conducted a show, hosted by Mubasshir Luqman. The guests invited in the loving memory of Moin akhtar were; Irfan Kiani, Tariq Aziz, Qavi, Lawrence, Hadiqa Kiani. The people invited as guests were a few of the closest people Moin Sahab had in his life, who loved him, respected him and had known him for a very very long time. In case you have missed the show.
Here is the link:

OST - FILM BOL (Kaho) - AtifAslam/HadiqaKiani

It was the song called, "aas pass" written by Khawar Kiani (mother of Hadiqa Kiani) featuring mega star Atif Aslam & the queen of pop music, Hadiqa Kiani. The song was recorded for a HUM tv drama serial & won instant success due to its unique combination, simple heart wrenching lyrics & Hadiqa/Atif's soul gripping vocals.
The long awaited lethal combo of Hadiqa Kiani & Atif Aslam is back - with a BANG! First we heard "hona tha pyar" and now Fire Records has recently launched another video of a heart winning song from Shoaib Mansoor's upcoming movie "BOL" featuring Atif Aslam & Hadiqa Kiani. We last saw them perform in a mellow soundtrack "hona tha pyar" and just when we couldn't get enough of it, here comes another mega hit "Kaho". Kaho is an upbeat pop song sung beautifully by Atif Aslam & hadiqa Kiani. No doubt, this duo sounds like a perfect combination and people can't get enough of their duets. Thanks to Shoaib Mansoor for bringing these two musicians together on a huge platform.
However, will Hadiqa launch a music video for "Dil Jania" ?
Stay Updated with the blog!


Hadiqa Kiani - Restless to Help Flood Victims!

Apart from having major contribution in the music industry & the world of fashion style & glamor, the diva takes her humanitarian work serious. She is highly patriotic and a complete philanthropist. Not many people know much about this musician being highly active in helping the victims of flood that struck our country & left hundreds and hundreds of people homeless. As mentioned earlier in one of Hadiqa's interview - she was highly devastated by the calamity that struck the country & coincidentally a few days later it was the pop diva's birthday which she blatantly refused to celebrate as she was saddened by the whole disaster. It has been a non stop mission to support the victims of flood since, the last year 2010. Rock, rubble or blockage - heat, cold or storm .... this woman has had a plan; 'a plan to reconstruct what has been washed away by the natural catastrophe. 
The brave lady travelled almost every where in Pakistan to personally meet the families who have been affected by the flood. If its about going to visit an affected area, meeting army officials and gaining first hand knowledge of the disaster, or going to a university to encourage people to donate and motivate them or appearing on television to create awareness of the catastrophe - Hadiqa has always been on her toes! She has personally built almost 100 homes for the victims of flood through her personal flood relief efforts. Below is just a little montage of few of the places she has been. The team of HK salutes her stamina, courage and restlessness to help the victims of flood. She is truly an inspiration for all of us! God bless.

Hona Tha Pyar Video (Atif Aslam & Hadiqa Kiani) OST - BOL movie

The highly anticipated film by Shoaib Mansoor, titled "BOL" is set to release worldwide on 25th June, 2011. This is going to be Atif Aslam's debut film. Recently, tips india & fire records Pakistan officially released the audio songs of the movie which features many re known singers, such as Atif aslam himself, Sajjad Ali, Ahmed Jehanzeb & none other than the queen of pop herself. Hadiqa has given her voice to three beautiful songs in the film; "Hona Tha Pyar" (sung by Atif Aslam & Hadiqa Kiani), Kaho (also features Atif Aslam & Hadiqa Kiani) and last but not the least "Dil Jania" (which is a solo track by Hadiqa Kiani) in the film. Recently the video for "Hona Tha Pyar" was released.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IW7xwSVj7gw
Audio Cassettes & CD's available now.

The Aasmaan Album

"Aasmaan", being the fastest selling album of 2009 - the musical queen made a comeback after 6 years and swept everyone off their feet with her melodious songs, simplistic yet beautiful lyrics - complimented with excellent r&b sound production. This album has definitely been the best! Fans wonder what surprises she has in store for us in the next album.

Hadiqa talks about Moin Akhtar - on Dunya T.V. (Memorial Show)

21st May, 2011 - Dunya T.V invited artists including Hadiqa kiani, Vincent Lawrence, Tariq Aziz, Syed Noor, Qavi Khan & Abrar ul Haq for a talk show hosted by Mubasshir Luqman, in the memory of legendary Moin Akhtar. Hadiqa spoke of her crystal memories and shared her immense level of respect for Moin Sahab. May God grant him a place in heaven! Ameen.
Don't forget to watch part 2 of the Moin Akhtar memorial show, on dunya tv, 22nd May (7:00pm) Pak-time.

For fans who might have missed part1, here is the link:

(Moin Akhtar's Demise) - Hadiqa Shares her grief !

Hadiqa personally shares her grief by quoting;
"It is indeed a very big loss, not just for the entertainment industry but for the whole Nation! 
I have known Moin bhai personally and he was not just a legendary artist, but he was my mentor, a true spirit and a great guide. He was the only one in this world who used to call me “Hadeeqoo”.

I have done more then 100 shows, in 14 years that were hosted by Moin bhai & he would always seem focused yet a little worried before the show. 
About 10 years back I asked him, 
out of curiosity; “Moin bhai why are you always so anxious before going on stage?” His reply was; “ ‘Hadeeqoo’ the bigger your name is -the weaker position your in, because people have alot of expectations from you and whenever I go on stage, I pray to God to give me respect and I am able to fulfill their expectations & you will remember my words after 10 years!" 

As hard as it is to believe, it has been exactly a decade and his words have been engraved 
in my heart since, then and if someone asks me why I get anxious before going on 
stage NOW - I can’t help but repeat his words ! I am in a state of shock & complete loss for words!He will always be alive in our hearts and there will be no other Moin Akhtar and there can be no other Moin Akhtar! May God grant his soul - a special place in Heaven! "

Hadiqa Kiani @ Flair - Salon (Launch)

Recently, the pop diva - Hadiqa Kiani was seen at the inauguration of "Flair" beauty salon, lahore.
The event was organized by Bunty and covered by Style 360 Channel, TV One and c24.
Here are some exclusive pictures & video from the event for HK fans.

PTV Show 23rd March, 2011

Video Link to the Performance at the 23rd March, 2011 -PTV Show:

Hadiqa Kiani Concert (FUMC, Rawalpindi, Pakistan)

Hadiqa Kiani performed a LIVE musical extravaganza, In Islamabad on 22nd March 2011 for the Foundation University Medical College, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Here are a few pictures from the show:

Hadiqa Kiani @ the Launch Of INTERWOOD's New Showroom

INTERWOOD was proud to announce its new showroom in DHA Y- Block, Lahore. This 8,000 square feet and 5 storey showroom is presenting a huge range of products offered by INTERWOOD. The showroom was inaugurated by Mr. Khawaja Farooq & Mr. Khawaja Bilal on 21st February 2011. The ceremony was attended by prestigious guests such as Hadiqa Kiani and others - varying from renowned architects, builders and corporate clients who appreciated the event. The experience of the showroom is built around welcoming guests and showing how their products provide the luxury of a finer life. The event was organized by Bunty and covered by the renown fashion Channel of Pakistan, Style 360 - Hadiqa was seen wearing a green dress, draped in her new Goldie lock hairstyle. Heres a glimpse of the event:

Hadiqa Kiani Performance @ Ufone Anniversary

Forget lip singing over a casette player being played - It is a known fact, Hadiqa is considered to be one of the best live performances in the music industry of Pakistan. Hadiqa takes her business serious... and if its about just standing on stage and just doing a lip sync, she has second thoughts! Recently Ufone celebrated its 10th anniversary, held at Royal Palm, Lahore - hosted by Dino & Anoushey (Vj's) and ... ofcourse Hadiqa set the crowd on fire. The crowd was left ecstactic as the pop diva started off on a lighter note with a soothing english track from her rough cut album, "be with you" & mentioned her past collaboration with the legendary Aamir Zaki. Then ofcourse came the pumped adrenalin with her mega hit "Janaan" & left the fans screaming for more. But that wasn't all, people got to hear a pumped up version of Bohay Barian, Sohnya & not to mention - the Yaad Sajan. The crowd wanted to hear every song twice, atleast... and couldn't stop chanting "Janaan , once more, once more " till HK gave them exactly what they wanted.

Are you ready for .. BOL ?!

The musical diva is to storm the theaters in April, 2011
through the speakers and give life to the most anticipated movie "Bol", by Shoaib Mansoor.

Hadiqa Kiani On Sahir Lodhi Show, Geo Television

Hadiqa Kiani appeared on the Sahir Lodhi Show, Geo Television network alongside another guest who was a real life hero. The diva not only looked stunning as ever, in her white outfit but also showed her witty sense of spontaneous response to the questions she was asked. Sahir Lodhi (the host) told the audience he was in sheer respect for this 'bohay barian' living legend and it was dream to interview her. Hadiqa spoke about her music projects & the efforts she has put in for the flood relief.
Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15ZnU-xZfhA