Hadiqa talks about Moin Akhtar - on Dunya T.V. (Memorial Show)

21st May, 2011 - Dunya T.V invited artists including Hadiqa kiani, Vincent Lawrence, Tariq Aziz, Syed Noor, Qavi Khan & Abrar ul Haq for a talk show hosted by Mubasshir Luqman, in the memory of legendary Moin Akhtar. Hadiqa spoke of her crystal memories and shared her immense level of respect for Moin Sahab. May God grant him a place in heaven! Ameen.
Don't forget to watch part 2 of the Moin Akhtar memorial show, on dunya tv, 22nd May (7:00pm) Pak-time.

For fans who might have missed part1, here is the link: