A Moment of Clarity. 
Hadiqa Kiani was recently seen on Capital Talk with Hamid Mir, alongside Mr.Nawaz Sharif at the Sharif City Hospital that helps the poor Thalassemia patients in need. 

It was during the time, when Hadiqa Kiani was working for flood relief, building homes for the flood effected victims; that she came across Sanum Gul (A single mother of two kids, resident of Nowshehra, & also hadiqa kiani flood relief effort beneficiary). Hadiqa met those two children, diagnosed with fatal Thalassemia and discovered that there was no financial support or resources to save Sanum Gul's children's lives. Hadiqa Kiani made an appeal to the government and people watching the Hamid Mir Show, to help contribute and save their lives. Luckily, Mr. Nawaz Sharif took notice and recently gave those thalassemia children a free support at his charity Hospital.
Before people can see and start assuming different conclusions, here is a moment of clarity for everyone. Hadiqa Kiani does not work and will not work for any political party, she only works individually as a humanitarian. As for who would she support if she had to, Hadiqa Kiani replied;
"I will not join or be a part of any political party. I am not favoring anyone or any party, I am favoring anyone and everyone who will work for this country and its people regardless any political party they may be leading... be - any politician ... I don't have any inhibitions to support all of them as long as and if they are working for our country!"
On another occasion Hadiqa cleared out everything by quoting;
"I sincerely appreciate Nawaz Sharif for taking on my appeal for the Thalassemia patients in Nowshera. I am not taking a stand with him politically, but what he has done for these children..I am grateful. Thankyou for listening to my appeal for the children". Hadiqa Kiani also said, "I am NOT supporting anyone politically. I am however going to support anyone who steps up and helps the people of Pakistan regardless of their political agenda. We need to end this pointless bickering and look at the issues, our people need help and I am ready to support anyone who can help me help them".

An exclusive footage of Hadiqa Kiani with the two poor children, 
diagnosed with Thalassemia, in Nowshera:

Well said Hadiqa. 
We support you, your cause and your vision. 
Indeed we just need to be a better humanitarian to have a better country.
God Bless - from the HK team management! We Salute you!