Hadiqa Kiani - Restless to Help Flood Victims!

Apart from having major contribution in the music industry & the world of fashion style & glamor, the diva takes her humanitarian work serious. She is highly patriotic and a complete philanthropist. Not many people know much about this musician being highly active in helping the victims of flood that struck our country & left hundreds and hundreds of people homeless. As mentioned earlier in one of Hadiqa's interview - she was highly devastated by the calamity that struck the country & coincidentally a few days later it was the pop diva's birthday which she blatantly refused to celebrate as she was saddened by the whole disaster. It has been a non stop mission to support the victims of flood since, the last year 2010. Rock, rubble or blockage - heat, cold or storm .... this woman has had a plan; 'a plan to reconstruct what has been washed away by the natural catastrophe. 
The brave lady travelled almost every where in Pakistan to personally meet the families who have been affected by the flood. If its about going to visit an affected area, meeting army officials and gaining first hand knowledge of the disaster, or going to a university to encourage people to donate and motivate them or appearing on television to create awareness of the catastrophe - Hadiqa has always been on her toes! She has personally built almost 100 homes for the victims of flood through her personal flood relief efforts. Below is just a little montage of few of the places she has been. The team of HK salutes her stamina, courage and restlessness to help the victims of flood. She is truly an inspiration for all of us! God bless.