Hadiqa Kiani @ the Launch Of INTERWOOD's New Showroom

INTERWOOD was proud to announce its new showroom in DHA Y- Block, Lahore. This 8,000 square feet and 5 storey showroom is presenting a huge range of products offered by INTERWOOD. The showroom was inaugurated by Mr. Khawaja Farooq & Mr. Khawaja Bilal on 21st February 2011. The ceremony was attended by prestigious guests such as Hadiqa Kiani and others - varying from renowned architects, builders and corporate clients who appreciated the event. The experience of the showroom is built around welcoming guests and showing how their products provide the luxury of a finer life. The event was organized by Bunty and covered by the renown fashion Channel of Pakistan, Style 360 - Hadiqa was seen wearing a green dress, draped in her new Goldie lock hairstyle. Heres a glimpse of the event: