Hadiqa Joins Superstars for flood relief

Hadiqa joins along the superstar flood relief campaign and contributes her share to the noble cause, alongside other mainstream and legendary artists such as Abida Parveen, Strings, Shafqat Amanat Ali & many more. According to the site "www.superstarsforfloodrelief.com"; is about those Superstars who could dedicate musical hits and share inspirational messages in the name of the Flood. Superstars who people felt were their own, appealing to them in a voice that they recognise. Covering the world with a wave of emotion and understanding. Superstar for flood relief is a concept and the main idea behind is:
  • Releasing, covering and dedicating one or more of their music hits in the name of the Flood
  • Requesting their fans across the world to buy the music hit from iTunes
  • Requesting their fans across Asia to buy the music hit from their mobile phone as a song, caller tune or ring tone
  • Recording inspirational video messages
  • Requesting their fans to make a donation to their chosen charity/organization
  • Donating all proceeds to their chosen charity/organization.