Hadiqa Kiani on GEO Pakistan - 14th August 2010

Hadiqa Kian was invited on "Geo Pakistan" show that aired Live on GEO Television, 14th August 2010 to create flood disaster awareness and to motivate people for more donations in this noble cause. Hadiqa mentioned how devastated she was knowing thousands of people had died and millions had become homeless without adequate food supplies and proper shelter. She also mentioned how depressed she was on her birthday (11th August) and did not celebrate it due to the effect of the flood catastrophe on her. She also told of the commitments she has made with herself to endlessly help the flood affected people of Pakistan and promised that her efforts will not stop and she will make sure of maximum help, by any means necessary and she will give to the people-in-need of her country, as much as she can. 
Hadiqa Kiani appeared on the scene dressed in white from head to toe, looking as beautiful as ever.