Az Chashme Saqi - GEO TV Report

Az Chashme Saqi is ringing in everyone's heart. Always singing her notes right, Hadiqa once again blows away the listeners with her heart gripping new song and a black and white video in which she certainly looks breath taking. Geo TV aired a detailed report on its network about the beautiful sung Kalam-e-Iqbal. Click the link to see Geo TV Report: 

It is because of songs like 'Az Chashme Saqi' - a poem penned by Allama Iqbal - where Hadiqa not only sings but also speaks in haunting tones via the English translation, making it so smoky and hazy that it makes our patient wait for Hadiqa worthwhile. She can blend East and West with individuality and a signature that is truly her own and one that has developed over the last decade. One can't help but notice that the styling and makeup done in the video is by Hadiqa Kiani, herself. This only shows how versatile Hadiqa really is. Click the link to see the official music video of Az Chashme Saqi:
Artist: Hadiqa Kiani
Song: Az Chashme Saqi
Album: Aasmaan
Executive Producer: Mian Yousuf Salahuddin
D.O.P: Sarfaraz Ahmed
Post: Tauqeer Abbas
Director: Jovi
Fire Records