Hadiqa Kiani releases Tuk Tuk - Music Video

Fire Records releases another exclusive video from Hadiqa Kiani's Aasmaan Album. 'Tuk Tuk' is a tongue-in-cheek, satirical tune about staring, falling in love and being annoyed by conspicuous behaviour, it seems all together. "Tuk Tuk Mujhe Dekho Na Aisa Saawariya/Dil Mein Utarti Hai Teri Yeh Nazariya" - and the music is just as bouncy, almost reminiscent to a Bollywood song. It's a little over the top with the arrangements ranging from synthesizers to tinkering bell sounds, a pounding beat and more. But for a concert, 'Tuk Tuk' should be a phenomenon. It is so culturally relevant for us as a nation.