Hadiqa Kiani Interview in Instep magazine

January 10, 2010
Critics may have slammed her for being a Nazia Hassan imitator when Hadiqa Kiani first started out. Her debut album, Raaz (1995) still managed to make a mark. From the early days of 'Jaan E Jaan' to 'Mann Di Mauj', Hadiqa continued to experiment. With her second record, Hadiqa tossed the "imitator" tag aside. Critics and fans were waking up to her rising star power in an industry where female musicians were still a long lost dream. With Roshni (1999), Hadiqa began her string of even more wild videos. Whether it was The Matrix-inspired 'Dupatta' or the wholesome 'Boohey Barian' - Hadiqa Kiani kept reaching for the stars and more. In between touring the world, Hadiqa recorded her third record, Rung (2002) and with it came a spate of videos such as 'Yaad Sajan', 'Jogi' and the stunning 'Mahi' in which Hadiqa donned the role of a vampire.............
Credits for the photographs in the article:

Photography & Design by: Osman Zia
Umair Khan @ Anamorphic Ideaz
Wardrobe, makeup and styling : Hadiqa Kiani